Sunday, October 7, 2012

update & short poem

I'm backkkkkk! And I totally have an awesome makeup look to post for you guys tomorrow!

The cabin was fun. I was going to bring my camera but you know how it goes, you always have to forget something. This time, my camera was it. The hills were such a gorgeous scenery ; It was a painting of golds and reds. I didn't get to go to Pumpkinville but I did wake up to bacon and pancakes this morning. Can't complain right?

I don't have any makeup looks to post so let me leave you with yet another poem.
This one is titled "Walking Beauty".

She's gorgeous,
Even her aura makes the sun shine politely.
Though the moon does not take to her as likely.
Now she's cold.
As she walks she sees the mask fall off her shadow.
She wants the darkness to hide her expression.
She knows she'll never learn her lesson.
And though she's adored, she's alone.
And all she wants

Is to forget.

Tune in with me tomorrow and thanks for reading!

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