Monday, December 10, 2012

hair hair hair

How goes it everyone?

So I'm sure some of you know that I've recently started beauty school. I haven't done many post about the things I've been doing at school because for the entire first month all we did was spa stuff: Basic manicures, artificial nails, pedicures and facials. It was fun for a while but I'm glad to say we are finally moving on.

The first thing we learned to do was a blunt cut. I cut two of my mannequin heads and then my "beauty school babe" Lisa entrusted her hair to me. :)

I cut her hair and I'd just like to say that she is alright!!!

(Me cutting Lisa's hair.)

Cutting hair on a mannequin is not the same as cutting someone's actual hair, especially if they have long ass hair like Lisa does. You have to pay mind to their shoulders and head movements. It took me a moment to get used to it all but I gave her a nice cut overall.


I believe the blunt cut is the only cut we'll be learning for now. We have to wait another month or two before we learn a different technique but that's alright. After the blunt cut we learned how to use rollers and how to do pin curls.

(Left: rollers. Right: pin curls. Both photos taken from Google images.)

I actually enjoy doing pin curls and rollers. We also learned how to do finger waving which I think is awesome. I can finally get that 1920s hollywood hair I love so much! 

Hair is definitely becoming a new love of mine. 

(Finger waves on short hair.)

(Finger waves on long hair.)

We also learned a few up-dos at school but I was too busy finger waving to pay attention. I ended up going to a function at the Boulevard Mall to promote our school and we had a choice to do either nails or hair for passerby's. I chose hair and then immediately regretted it. I didn't know any up-dos at all! This little girl wanted her hair shaped like a bow and I immediately forgot how to do it even though I was shown how to only 10 minutes before, haha. I french braided her hair instead and then headed over to the nail table instead; More people wanted their nails painted anyway. It bugged me though that I couldn't give this little girl the style she wanted so I decided to go home and practice a few up-dos on my own time.

Of course I learned how to do the bow thing, haha.

I also learned how to do this braided up-do by doing half french braids on each side of the head.

(Front view of braided up-do.)

(Top-front view of braided up-do.)

(Side view of braided up-do.)

(Rear view of braided up-do.)

To learn how to do this up-do, I watched this youtube video by Bebexo:

She does really wonderful tutorials so if you're looking for hair ideas, check out her youtube channel.

That's pretty much all I've been up to at school. What kind of hair styles would you like me to try?

Stay tuned for another makeup look this week! 

Ciao everyone!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

'tis the season (tutorial)

Hello everyone! Today I put together another picture tutorial for you all :) It's December and I've got the holiday spirit so I created this look using traditional Christmas colors. Enjoy!!!


  • Step 1: First I'm going to show you how I did the glitter brow. I decided to do red eyebrows to keep the Christmas theme but if that's too much for you can do your brows as you normally do :) Using a red eyeliner pencil, outline the shape of your brow.
  • Step 2: Now fill in your brow with the red pencil or red eyeshadow.
  • Step 3: I used my NYX glitterati glitter cream palette for the glitter. Just pat the glitter on over your brow. If you want, you can use glitter adhesive to make it stick better. I chose gold glitter to break apart the red a bit.
  • Step 4: Now let's get started on the eyes. After priming your lid, use a small piece of tape and place it on the side of your eye. This will help you create a clean line at the edge of your eye when you apply eyeshadow. To prevent harsh tugging when you remove the tape, stick it on your hand a couple of times before you apply it near your eye. You want the tape sticky but not enough to pull on the skin when you remove it. 
  • Step 5: Using a flat stiff brush, pat on green eyeshadow on the outer half of the lid. Keep applying and patting the color on until it's a nice deep green.

  • Step 6: Using the same brush, apply the same green eyeshadow on the inner half of your lid. I want the green to show a but under the gold color we're about to apply so I brought the green in a bit towards the middle. Don't worry if it looks messy right now, it'll look better when you blend the two colors you're using together. 
  • Step 7: Continuing with the same brush (clean off the green first though), take a gold color and apply it on the middle of the lid. Blend the gold in with the green around it.
  • Step 8: The messy part is over so now we can remove the tape! Gently peel off the tape and toss it in the garbage. Clean off any fallout that's on your skin.
  • Step 9: Using the same flat stiff brush you've been using, blend the top of the eyeshadow so it doesn't have such a harsh line. To blend, use gentle strokes going back and forth along the edge of the eye shadow.

When you're done blending, you should have something like this.
  • Step 10: Again, using the same brush, take the same green you've been using and run it along your bottom lid.
  • Step 11: Line your water line with black eyeliner. You can line your top waterline if you want as well. Applying eyeliner to the top waterline can give the illusion of thicker lashes.

  • Step 12: Line the top of your lid with black liquid eyeliner. You can use gel eyeliner if you prefer.

  • Step 13: Using your liquid eyeliner, draw a line along the free edge of your eye where you removed the tape. This will help you create the perfect cat eye.
  • Step 14: Now join the line you just made with the eyeliner on your lid. The eyeliner should meet at the highest point of the line you just drew. 

Once you've got your eyeliner on, just add mascara and you're all set! If you'd like, you can apply false eyelashes at this time as well. 

And that's my holiday look! What do you guys think? I hope everyone is enjoying my picture tutorial method and I hope it helps in your makeup application. This look is a fun look for the holidays, don't you agree?

I'm seriously thinking of rocking colored brows for Christmas. Speaking of brows, I just groomed my mother's caterpillars today, haha. But they turned out great! If you liked my page on Facebook you can see the pictures I posted on my wall earlier. 

But just for the heck of it I'll put the pictures on here as well.

Here's a before and after photo of her brows. The left is done, the right is not.

After I was done tweezing her brows, I filled them in for her.

And that's not all! I also did her makeup. This is the first time I've ever seen her with foundation on and I think she just looks so fabulous here!!!

She's just too gorgeous isn't she? Now you all know where I get my good looks from, haha. But really, I've been meaning to do my mom's eyebrows for a while now and they were definitely long overdue. I'm glad I got to pamper her a bit today though. It was fun dolling her up :) Love you momma!

But that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this post. What holiday looks have you come up with? Leave a comment for me and don't forget to tell your friends!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2:59 AM

I remember late nights when they meant freedom.  
My kind of excitment was walking and feeling the cool, brisk air. 
There was always a hint of hope and the night sky was a never-ending blanket of souls.

The stars had secrets to hold,
As I always have secrets to tell. 

Godspeed, I would say alone
Because six feet under could happen at anytime.
That's a bit of pessimissim sprinkled with honesty.

Move on.

The sea of darkness was alive,
Just barely illuminated with street lights. 
I had a home in the black, but I always chose your front door. 

Can you feel yourself change when you grow?
Can you say your heart thinks just like mine?
And if I decided to send a raven would I send it towards a haven or hell?
Who could tell?

See, my definitions lack your kind of taste.
That's why they're mine.

I know what I'm putting myself through
And though this is not a fight I will have war.


We are the same.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

school talk

Hey everyone! So I'm sure you all must be extremely curious about me starting school, so let me tell you all about it :)

I've already completed a full week of school and honestly, it has been one if the best experiences of my life. All the people in my class are really nice and we all mesh well. It wasn't hard to make friends which I'm surprised about but I wouldn't have it any other way. We started out the week learning about bacteria and desinfectants. Then we moved on to manicures and pedicures. And on Friday I got my first lesson in waxing. No one would let me wax their eyebrows because I've never worked with wax before but after a while this woman named Kelly put her faith in me and let me handle her unibrow. I was so excited. The process went smoothly and next thing I know people were lining up to get there brows done! It was such a good feeling. I finally feel my life truly coming together. I love waking up and getting ready for school. I love beauty school just in general!

There's a lot more I can tell you guys but I'm blogging from my phone right now so I'm trying to keep this brief. My next post will show you guys everything I got in my beauty school kit. It's the best haul ever.

Thanks for reading :D


Monday, November 5, 2012

simple green look

Hey everybody! So I realized I haven't played around with the color green much so I decided to use a green eyeshadow for this look :) It's a simple, quick look that I came up with and I hope you like it!

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This look was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. I wanted to keep the color on the lid and wing it out like a cat eye. After applying the eyeshadow I outlined it with gel liner, added mascara and that's it! The dots by the eyebrow are just something I stole from Kandee Johnson. If you click on her name it'll take you to a video showing you how she does it. It's pretty simple and easy. I only add the dots to one side of my face, I guess I just like things to be asymmetrical sometimes :)

As for what I've been doing lately...

NOTHING. Haha, really though I haven't done much at all. I start beauty school tomorrow though and I'm pretty excited about it. I went to my orientation on Thursday and it was great. Everyone seems really awesome and I can't wait to get started! Hopefully this will be the chance I needed to start making girlfriends, ha. The funny thing about that though is there's one guy who was in our orientation group, he used to be a mechanic or something of the sort and happened to injure himself and was looking for a career change, so he chose beauty school. Deej and I were talking about how instead of making new girlfriends I'll end up befriending the one guy there and fail miserablly at trying to make gal pals, hahahaha. But only time will tell!

I've also been doing some reading lately. Off and on I've been reading A Game of Thrones.

I'm almost done with it, I just don't stay consistent with my reading but it doesn't make it any less of a great book. I have the first four books in paperback, I want to get all five books in hardcover though. This book has gotten beat up because I've been taking it everywhere with me. Poor book :(

What have you guys been reading lately?
Any good book suggestions?
What are some of your favorite books?

Let me know!


  • Palladio eye primer
  • MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow "Humid"
  • 120 eyeshadow palette from ebay (for highlight)
  • L'Oreal Infallible lacquer liner "Blackest Black"
  • Maybelline the falsies volume express flared mascara "Blackest Black"
Cheeks: Nothing

  • Kat Von D lipstick "Celebutard"
  • NYX pump it up lip plumper "Angelina"
  • Almay smart shade foundation "light/medium"
  • Bitch Slap! Cosmetics brow quad "Dark"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

lustful notes

The day after tomorrow he writes to me:
My sweetest love of mine, I'm sorry about the things I said.
The pain will pass in time.
A single sentence was all he wrote but then he writes again:
My sweetest love I have to say I'm sorry it's hard to mend.

The writing stops but his eyes still speak:
My sweetest, my love no more.
My eyes speak softly matching his, it's you I still adore.

The twinkled drop upon my cheek he dried without a sound.
That final word he says to me:
And then left town.

One more note he writes to me,
The ink splattered from his pen.
And red blood drops besides the words:
I'm sorry, lets just be friends.

This is one of my earlier poems. I hope you enjoyed. Leave feedback!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sugar skull makeup

Hey everyone! So on Saturday I was superrrrr ambitious and did sugar skull looks for all of us to go to a Halloween party. I did 4 sugar skull looks (including myself) and it took me roughly 10 hrs. I started applying the makeup at 11:30 am and finished everything at about 9pm.


I had a set time schedule for everyone so I could have enough time to complete each look. The schedule was as follows:

  • Deej: 10:30am - 1pm
  • Joe: 1pm - 3:30pm
  • Myself: 3:30pm - 6pm
  • Chris: 6pm - 8:30pm
That schedule gave me 2 1/2 hours per face so I could take my time but we all know nothing goes as planned.

First let me explain to you what I call "DJ Time". When you're running on DJ Time it pretty much means you're running late. The title came about when I started hanging out with Deej and he could never be on time for anything! It wasn't on purpose, I believe he said it was because he procrastinates easily. I would invite him over to hang out at 1pm and he might show up around 3-4pm, haha. Lately, he's been on his game and I haven't used the phrase much anymore but let me get on with the story...

If ever there was an awful day for DJ Time, this was it. And sure enough, Deej sleeps in. Hahahaha. Now I can't blame him because it was his day off and he works a bunch of hours, and granted I didn't specify a specific time until the last minute, but I DID say in the morning.

So I'm texting him from about 9:30am until 11am and I get a text around 11:30am from Deej saying he just woke up and had something to do quickly. What happens next? Joe swoops in like a champ and decides to go first. I didn't put Joe first on the schedule because he works every Saturday until 10am and I was going to let him take a nap when he got home. So sacrificing his sleep, Joe saved the day!

Deej showed up a little after 1pm but all went well :)

Now that I'm done boring you, I'll get on with the pictures!

WARNING: There will be beardless men in these photos.

First I covered the brows using the glue stick method. I then used Ben Nye's Clown White to cover the entire top half of the face. Next, using a light colored eye pencil, I outlined the shape I wanted for the eyes.

Now I took a cream base and filled in the entire area of the eye. This helps the eyeshadow I'll be using to last longer and stick to the skin. When using the glue stick method, the brows harden and are a little tough to work with so that's why some white is still showing through.

(He's so handsome!)

Now apply the color of choice all over the eye area. 

To make the eyes get a more hallowed effect I added black eyeshadow in the middle of the red and blended it out. After applying all the color to the eyes I finished adding the Clown White to the face and   set it with a white powder.

Next comes the dots around the eye and the nose. Since I had so many faces to decorate, I kept things simple and just did plain ol' black dots and a very simple nose design. You can do whatever you want though! Big petals, little petals, fancy nose design, whatever!

To tie everything together, I contoured the cheeks and did a grungy looking teeth set using black gel eyeliner. Joe didn't want any decorations but he looks mighty fetching either way right!?


Here's a bonus picture of Deej:

(He has some serious eyebrows!)

That's everything. I basically just repeated the steps until my fingers fell off but it was all so worth it.

I think we looked awesome. We all had the same basic makeup layout but different color schemes and designs. On our way to the party we stopped at 7/11 and some guy asked if he could have a picture with all of us. He had his daughter with him and she was so distracted by our faces that she didn't look at the camera, haha. 

Anywho, here's some more photos:

(My fellas. Deej is pinching Chris' nipple, haha.)

(My two favorite guys!)

(Even skeletons can love. Open your eyes Joe!)

(At the party. We pretty much had the best costumes there.)

And that's everything. I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below and tell me what you think. And remember, if you haven't already liked my Facebook page, please do!

What are your Halloween costume ideas? Let me know!


Products used:

  • Ben Nye "Clown White"
  • Ben Nye "Super White" face powder
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow "Love +"
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow "Midori"
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow "2am"
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow "Velocity"
  • Maybelline eye studio gel liner "Blackest Black"
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil "Perversion"
  • L'oreal infallible eyeshadow "Eternal Black"
  • Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow "Tough As Taupe"
  • Avon glimmersticks brow definer "Dark Brown"