Monday, December 10, 2012

hair hair hair

How goes it everyone?

So I'm sure some of you know that I've recently started beauty school. I haven't done many post about the things I've been doing at school because for the entire first month all we did was spa stuff: Basic manicures, artificial nails, pedicures and facials. It was fun for a while but I'm glad to say we are finally moving on.

The first thing we learned to do was a blunt cut. I cut two of my mannequin heads and then my "beauty school babe" Lisa entrusted her hair to me. :)

I cut her hair and I'd just like to say that she is alright!!!

(Me cutting Lisa's hair.)

Cutting hair on a mannequin is not the same as cutting someone's actual hair, especially if they have long ass hair like Lisa does. You have to pay mind to their shoulders and head movements. It took me a moment to get used to it all but I gave her a nice cut overall.


I believe the blunt cut is the only cut we'll be learning for now. We have to wait another month or two before we learn a different technique but that's alright. After the blunt cut we learned how to use rollers and how to do pin curls.

(Left: rollers. Right: pin curls. Both photos taken from Google images.)

I actually enjoy doing pin curls and rollers. We also learned how to do finger waving which I think is awesome. I can finally get that 1920s hollywood hair I love so much! 

Hair is definitely becoming a new love of mine. 

(Finger waves on short hair.)

(Finger waves on long hair.)

We also learned a few up-dos at school but I was too busy finger waving to pay attention. I ended up going to a function at the Boulevard Mall to promote our school and we had a choice to do either nails or hair for passerby's. I chose hair and then immediately regretted it. I didn't know any up-dos at all! This little girl wanted her hair shaped like a bow and I immediately forgot how to do it even though I was shown how to only 10 minutes before, haha. I french braided her hair instead and then headed over to the nail table instead; More people wanted their nails painted anyway. It bugged me though that I couldn't give this little girl the style she wanted so I decided to go home and practice a few up-dos on my own time.

Of course I learned how to do the bow thing, haha.

I also learned how to do this braided up-do by doing half french braids on each side of the head.

(Front view of braided up-do.)

(Top-front view of braided up-do.)

(Side view of braided up-do.)

(Rear view of braided up-do.)

To learn how to do this up-do, I watched this youtube video by Bebexo:

She does really wonderful tutorials so if you're looking for hair ideas, check out her youtube channel.

That's pretty much all I've been up to at school. What kind of hair styles would you like me to try?

Stay tuned for another makeup look this week! 

Ciao everyone!


  1. Great post! Wow u are really talented. I like the braided up-do , look really cool! :) Lovely blog <3

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  2. I found your blog while googling images to update my blog with. Your hairschool looks just like the one I went to!
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    I started it before I went to hairschool, and blogged all the way through hairschool and right up until now!
    I'm gonna go back and read through the rest of your blog now :)

    1. That's great Damien, I' glad you stumbled upon me! I'll definitely check out your blog.

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