Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2:59 AM

I remember late nights when they meant freedom.  
My kind of excitment was walking and feeling the cool, brisk air. 
There was always a hint of hope and the night sky was a never-ending blanket of souls.

The stars had secrets to hold,
As I always have secrets to tell. 

Godspeed, I would say alone
Because six feet under could happen at anytime.
That's a bit of pessimissim sprinkled with honesty.

Move on.

The sea of darkness was alive,
Just barely illuminated with street lights. 
I had a home in the black, but I always chose your front door. 

Can you feel yourself change when you grow?
Can you say your heart thinks just like mine?
And if I decided to send a raven would I send it towards a haven or hell?
Who could tell?

See, my definitions lack your kind of taste.
That's why they're mine.

I know what I'm putting myself through
And though this is not a fight I will have war.


We are the same.

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