Sunday, November 4, 2012

lustful notes

The day after tomorrow he writes to me:
My sweetest love of mine, I'm sorry about the things I said.
The pain will pass in time.
A single sentence was all he wrote but then he writes again:
My sweetest love I have to say I'm sorry it's hard to mend.

The writing stops but his eyes still speak:
My sweetest, my love no more.
My eyes speak softly matching his, it's you I still adore.

The twinkled drop upon my cheek he dried without a sound.
That final word he says to me:
And then left town.

One more note he writes to me,
The ink splattered from his pen.
And red blood drops besides the words:
I'm sorry, lets just be friends.

This is one of my earlier poems. I hope you enjoyed. Leave feedback!

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