Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a change in progress...

So I tried to dye my hair yesterday and it did not end well!

I tried to get my blue hair back. I went through the whole process, I even bleached my hair. But of course the hair dye was too dark so the only thing blue is my damn scalp. I'm pretty pissed off about it but what can you do. Due to how gross my scalp looks I am postponing further makeup looks until I fix this issue.

And yes I know you're not supposed to let the dye touch your scalp but I had my best friend dye my hair and well, shit happens. I probably would have gotten dye on my whole head if it weren't for her, haha. I hated the outcome so much that I didn't go out in public without a scarf on my head. I didn't even let my best friend Deej see it, haha. I'm going to try again though but this time I really have to go all out to get the desired color.

Don't worry, I got this.

Which of these 3 colors should I dye my hair?

Let me know what you think!

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