Monday, October 15, 2012

more swagger

Hey everyone! So I recently bought a sample pack from Swagger Cosmetics and I wanted to show you a look I created using some of the pigments. If you haven't made a purchase from Swagger or are unsure as to weather or not it's for you, I recommend you buy the sample pack like I did. It's only $3 and there's enough pigment in the samples for about 3-4 uses of each one you get. I know I did a post about Blake Karamazov previously but this post will do Blake much more justice. I didn't like the way the previous post turned out so I decided to once again recreate my image of Blake.

That's right, I even added freckles of my own this time! Haha, what do you think? Should I become a freckle girl myself? I think it's such a cute, doll-like trait. In other words, adorable!

This is what I received as my sample pack:

(Sorry you can't see "Responsitranity" well enough.)

I also got 3 business cards:

(Front of the card.)

(Back of the card.)

And here's an unclose look at my makeup:

For this look I used "Red Bone" and "Ghetto University on the lid then added a touch of "Rad Bitch" to the inner corner of the eye.

("Red Bone" pigment is on the outer and inner part of the lid and "Ghetto University" is on the middle of the lid.)

And that's the look! I love, love, loveeeeeee these pigments. I also have the HD finishing powder on my face which is fabulous; It really sets my foundation well. I can't wait to get my hands on all of those pigments and lip glosses too!

(Sassy, freckled biotch, hahaha.)

I also love the names of the pigments. They're so badass. Oh, and I have on my Beetlejuice jacket again. I'm really in love with it so I was just looking for an excuse to wear it again. 

Another thing I wanted to throw in here: I know I said before that I was looking to change my hair color again and I think I might go back to blue! Here's me with blue hair before:

(Hahahahahahaha, I'm sorry. I don't have any pictures that show my blue hair well enough so I just threw this in here, haha.)

No, but really, my hair was a nice dark blue before but I think I want a slightly brighter blue this time. I want to change it because I think it'll look awesome with the Dia De Los Muertos makeup for Halloween. I was also thinking about red (which I've already done a thousand times) or purple, but I've yet to decide...

Tell me what you guys think!
Red, blue or purple hair?
Do you like freckles?
Do you like pigments or pressed shadows better?
What Swagger product are you most interested in trying?
Tell me anything really!

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(Kisses to everyone reading this!)


  • Palladio eye primer
  • Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow "Tough As Taupe"
  • Swagger Cosmetics pigment "Red Bone"
  • Swagger Cosmetics pigment "Ghetto University"
  • Swagger Cosmetics pigment "Rad Bitch"
  • Maybelline eye studio gel liner "Blackest Black"
  • MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow "Brule"
  • Maybelline the falsies volume express flared mascara "Blackest Black"
Cheeks: Nothing

  • Kat Von D lipstick "Vestalula" 
  • Bitch Slap! Cosmetics paramedical kamaflage foundation "Lite Olive Beige"
  • Avon magiX illuminator
  • Swagger Cosmetics "HD Finishing Powder"
  • Bitch Slap! Cosmetics brow quad "Dark"
  • Avon glimmersticks brow definer "Dark Brown"


  1. Purple hair, love the freckles and I've only ever used pressed. :)

    1. You should try loose shadows, they're wonderful!