Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cat eye & purple brows

 This look was inspired by makeup artist Pat McGrath. I was flipping through my Glamour magazine (September 2012) and I came across this look:

So I grabbed a little inspiration and did my own look. I used black liner instead of blue and I didn't cover the entire lid with it as Pat does. Instead, I went about half way across the lid and did a double winged tip. It's pretty much just an edgy cat eye. On top of the liner I packed it with shimmery black eyeshadow. I'll post the products I used at the very end. This look is very simple but I have horrible sleeping patterns (hence me posting this at almost 5am, haha) and I just wanted to do something easy yet fun. 

I placed a small black dot a little ways below my lower lid. I placed it there for one main reason: 
My tiny wrinkles under my eyelid made it really hard (and annoying) to try and place a little dot underneath! I see these models and I swear they just have the best under eyes, haha. So to avoid it altogether I just moved my dot down further :)

Oh! And since I used black instead of blue, I wanted to add a pop of color so I did purple eyebrows. 

(Look at those under eye wrinkles and those bags! Oh well, aha, it happens to the best of us.)

(Sons of Anarchy plugs, heck yes!)


  • Avon magiX illuminator
  • wetnwild H20 proof liquid liner "Ultra Black"
  • L'oreal infallible eyeshadow "Eternal Black"
  • Maybelline the falsies volume express mascara "Blackest Black"

Cheeks: Nothing

  • NYX slim lip pencil "Hot Red", 
  • Kat Von D lipstick "Whiskey Woman"

  • Almay smart shade foundation "light/medium"

  • Sugarpill Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow "2am"



  1. Welcome!!! I'm digging the double wing cat eye liner...gonna have to give it a whirl! Check out WWW.beyoutymark.com and follow...appreciate it!

    Katie @ www.beyoutymark.com

    1. I'm glad you like my work! And I will definitely follow.