Saturday, September 29, 2012

away with the streets

Today's blog post is a little different. I've been out of the house all day so I didn't get a chase to do a makeup look but I did promise a post everyday so I will leave you with something else.

A poem. I write poetry on the side and what better way to share it than a blog. I want my readers to know as much of me as I can and I feel poetry leads a deep connection from the writer's mind and their heart. The title is "Away With the Streets". I hope you all enjoy.

There's a little bit of nothing coming my way
There's a little bit of me on the highway
Look what happens when you leave your seat
You end up on the streets

There's my shoe over by the railing
Just in time, a crowd here staring
It's like they've never seen a wreck before
The streets will make you it's whore

Opening doors is never easy
Not when you're firmly tucked in pieces
Airbags can't help you breath in life
The streets will make you fight

I didn't think to turn the wheel
Hell, I didn't think the streets could kill
With a stretch bed they'll come and save me
But the streets will take me

Happy reading :)



  1. You're aspiring MUA and novelist too!!! So cool! I'm going to follow you! :)


    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to know I can inspire other people! And I appreciate you following me :D